When Michelle Met The Queen

by Shelley Dieterichs and Pauline Shore (Author)

Dive into a tale where Michelle's charm met royal grace.

Book Description:​

You will love the children’s picture book When Michelle Met The Queen. Charmingly illustrated by artist Shelley Dieterichs, When Michelle Met The Queen is a timely and relevant story.  Michelle Obama’s and Queen Elizabeth II’s families linked with one another in 2009 when they met in England. Co-author Pauline Shore lives in Stratford, Ontario, and Shelley were both touched by the photos of Michelle Obama and the Queen warmly greeting one another in 2009.  Surely you can remember Michelle putting her arm around the Queen when they met.  When Michelle Met The Queen is now available in Good Buddy Notes store or also online at  https://michelleobamachildrensbook.com/

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Shelley Dieterichs and Pauline Shore (Author)

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When Michelle Met The Queen

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