World Cruise by Whale

by Peter van Wermeskerken (Author)

They have helped animals many times when they were suffering from human behavior.

Book Description:​

“Generally, the stories are really excellent, being both educational and entertaining,” was the spontaneous response of this book’s editor, Jack Turner, after completing his work. The book is now available to several reviewers. You can also read their assessment here.
Mike & Alex is a series of children’s books for children aged 6-12. We’ve taken into account the age at which children start to read, using a clear and somewhat larger font and ample line spacing. The educational aspect of the three interconnected stories is largely in the description of the animals’ life behavior but also in the explanations and maps of different places in the world. The ‘entertainment’ factor is a key component, with engaging topics like cleaning the seas and a captivating method of description. This approach has been well-received in my first book, ‘Double Spy, an autobiography’, published in 2014.
In this book, the French bunny Jean-Pierre finds our main characters. Mike is a giant rabbit, and Alex is a large wild boar. They have helped animals many times when they were suffering from human behavior. In this book, for example, they help whale Wally get rid of a harpoon in his back. As a thank you, Wally offers them a world cruise with him. It is luxuriously furnished for this purpose. Once on their journey, they are called upon to do something against the whalers at the South Pole. They notice that they have made the whales angry. Then the tuna come to Puck and Evert to complain about all the people’s dirt in the world’s oceans. Our friends devise a solution for this, where the garbage is deposited back on people’s doorsteps.

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Peter van Wermeskerken (Author)

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Peter van Wermeskerken (alias Pete Van Kerk) was born on Sunday, 31 December 1939. After WWII he was diagnosed epilepsis. It took doctors ten years to find medication and treatment he could lead an everyday life with. He finished 1960 the Higher Agricultural School at Utrecht (Holland) and was, in the exam period, co-winner in an essay contest about agricultural cooperation in Europe. At that moment, he decided to follow in Dad’s footsteps as a journalist. After wandering around for five years, he came to Dad’s paper at Zeist with the aim of succeeding him. However, in early 1970, he moved to the second largest Dutch newspaper, AD, at Rotterdam. There, he remained until his retirement as a reporter and chief at the economics desk. He ranked the world’s top in oil reporting. In 1988, his first book, “The Years 90,” was published. It contained predictions made in interviews with the CEOs of the ten largest Dutch multinationals. It was soon sold out. His second book was Double Agent (2013). This is about the 3,5 years in which Peter indeed was a double agent for the Dutch secret service, although he had been first approached by the East German Stasi. This book got many four stars and one 5 star review. After his wife Marga had passed away (2014) and remarried Huong from Vietnam, it took him over four years before he found back the joy to write. In only two years came the erotic novel Reed Sailing, a satiric novel (only in Dutch) on Dutch policy for the elderly, and parts 3 and 4 of the children’s book Mike & Alex. In Part 1, they initiated activities against humans that caused a severe threat to the animals in the forest. Now Mike and Alex heal a whale from a harpoon in his back. Meanwhile, Wally offers them a world cruise by whale. On that cruise, they organize a hunt on the whale hunters and a massive cleaning of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific. Reviewers give it 4 and 5 stars for its originality and writing style. The illustrated books are in a bigger font and inlining to enable kids to read them themself. This book is published in Summer 2024.

World Cruise by Whale

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